You will be remembered for what you have contributed and not what you have owned.

Wealth Management is not complete without considering corporate assets and their returns.

No single asset manager is good at everything all the time.

Parkview preserves your family wealth.

Let us work today on sustainable solutions for tomorrow.

Nine out of ten families will have lost their wealth by the third generation. Be the one that does not!

Our IMPACT consists of a few key ingredients for your investment success:

Investment Policy Statement For sustainable and suitable investment decisions it is essential to identify your risk tolerance, your objectives, your time horizon and constraints.
Multi-Manager Investment Process It is a talent's game but no asset manager is good at everything all the time. A global selection and monitoring of top-tier asset managers increases your chances of beating the benchmarks on a consolidated basis.
Portfolio Optimization Broad diversification reduces the overall risk in terms of variability of expected returns. Our state-of-the-art asset allocation tool allows us optimizing your consolidated portfolio and maximizing expected profits at your risk tolerance.
Advice beyond traditional Wealth Management The financial life of wealthy families and entrepreneurs is more complex than traditional wealth management wants us to believe. Our holistic "4 F" approach (family, firm, finance, and future) covers aspects beyond conventional concepts.
Consolidation & Investment Controlling Important financial decisions have to be made in the context of your overall wealth: What is the overall risk exposure of your financial assets? Is it in line with your risk tolerance? What's the overall performance? Monitoring: Are the provided statements correct? What are the management cost and can they be reduced?
Transparency We establish full cost transparency with all third party providers and pass all kick backs and discounts received on to our clients. Consequently, we are paid for our independent advice and have no incentive to sell. 


Our Investment Process