We're disinvesting from “Emerging Markets”

At Parkview, we are finding it increasingly difficult to justify an allocation to “Emerging Markets” as an asset class (EM). This isn’t a tactical change in position, but a structural change of view. There are both positive and negative developments that lead us to this change in positioning.  Over the next few quarters we plan to shift out of emerging market funds and to focus on only a few countries and regions where the investment case remains strong.

Most Advisors are conflicted – How to identify a true Fiduciary

The falling tree and the value of an independent advisor

I recently had a falling tree knocking out power of the whole neighborhood. I was puzzled, as it occurred in the middle of a sunny, windless day, but even more so, as I have had an Arborist from a well-known firm checking all our trees just a few months earlier. How was that accident possible? I turned to another tree expert, recommended by a friend. This independent advisor used to work for our previous advisor and shed some light on the mystery.

Only the Family Business matters. Almost.

Entrepreneurs create wealth - failed succession destroys it

Two-thirds of the wealthiest families globally are self-made (1), a proportion that continued to grow over the last decade at the expense of inherited wealth. This trend seems to be largely driven by accelerated wealth creation across the emerging markets, but also by a new generation of risk-taking entrepreneurs in fast-growing sectors such as technology.