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Episode 10: Alicia García-Herrero on Investing in China

In stark contrast to much of the rest of the world, China’s economy has recovered remarkably well from Covid-19. Driven by a public and household sector debt fueled surge in spending, the country is on track to end 2020 with positive economic growth. But is this growth sustainable? To answer this question and to discuss opportunities for investors, our guest this week is Alicia García-Herrero.

We discuss:

Episode 8: Gregory Francis and the Regulation of Big Tech

In this episode of The Parkview Podcast, the team sits down with Gregory Francis, Managing Director of Access Partnership - the world's leading public policy firm dedicated to opening markets for technology -  to discuss the current state of regulation of Big Tech.

We also talk about the "Trust Gap" between users and tech companies and how this gap could feasibly be narrowed in future.